Baking for One…

Alexandra’s 1st Birthday ~ 1998 (excerpt from a scrapbook page)
Copyright~ Baker’s Easy Cut-Up Cakes
While I’m working on getting this business venture (aka, adventure) started, I feel that it is important for me to reflect on the many experiences that have led me to this point.  In the about me section, I shared a few “baking” milestones throughout my life.  My daughter Alexandra’s first birthday was a key moment when #1 I realized that I had a creative knack for designing cakes and #2 when my husband came to the same realization… I’m sure many moms can relate to/remember planning their child’s 1st birthday~ deciding on the theme, selecting the invitation, finding the cake, the goody bags etc. My inspiration came from looking through a Baker’s Easy Cut-Up Party Cakes & coming across a “rag-doll” cake (pictured above). I also re-called that the theme of my 1st birthday was Raggedy Ann circa 1970. However, I couldn’t find a cake pan or invitations or anything for a Raggedy Ann party; internet commerce was in its infancy stage in 1998. So, I was “stuck” with the “rag doll” cake.  However, something magical & mysterious occurred when I started cutting the cake into shape & putting the frosting on… while I don’t consider the cakes “spectacular” by any means, I was pleased with the results when compared to the original inspiration.
***Also, please keep in mind that these photos were taken before “digital” and were merely “snap-shots” meant to preserve a moment in time (aka, not as photos that were going to be published in a blog someday-)

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