Why Baking 4 Six…

 ~ Baking 4 Six.  As a mother and wife, pretty much everything I do is for my family. Ah, you may ask, “what about yourself?;  yes, the title Baking 4 Six includes me. I bake for myself because I find it relaxing, I also find it challenging & creative – which, are weirdly relaxing for me.  I bake for my family because it brings me joy & they really do enjoy my tasty treats. I also bake for my family because it is my hope one day to turn this into a business… but for now it brings me enjoyment & peace AND a peaceful mother/wife is a blessing for my family.  Thank you to my husband for the name.
Over the past few weeks as I’ve contemplated on what Baking 4 Six means and the possibility of starting a business and what that entails…  blogs, web-pages, logos, colors, regulations (ugh, regulations…) and on an on. I have done a bit of research, net-working, soul-searching and reflecting.  Re-curing things such as “Life Lessons” and “old-adages/sayings” keep popping in my mind and I realize that Baking 4 Six is my daily life.  I cannot separate the baking from the day to day; mostly because I have to get through the day-to-day so I can get to the baking ~ a BALANCE ~ if you will.  BALANCE – a life lesson…. Being organized, planning ahead etc, all of these things that I have been told throughout my life, and continue to struggle with  – the same things we’ve ALL been told and pretty much all struggle with. So this blog is definitely about baking, but with life lessons as well.  After all, I’m baking for 6 and life is throwing lessons at me (& my family) practically everyday – some serious, some funny and mostly just everyday life stuff that, as a mother of 4, I try to “laugh” at as opposed to getting stressed over.  So, I hope that you’ll join me on this journey… and along the way – I’m hoping to provide a few laughs and mostly to share some really YUMMY recipes that you can enjoy with your family.  


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