Shamrock Sugar Cookies

I am always last minute or behind… even when I plan WAY ahead, I am behind. Life with 4 kiddos tends to have a lot of “distractions” – and adding something new to our routine – takes awhile to find a new balance.  I ordered these Shamrock cutters from Foose Cookie Cutters. It was my first time ordering and I was mostly happy with my order except that the cutters were much smaller than I expected – COMPLETELY my fault as the measurements are listed for every cutter. My brain must have been temporarily compromised by sugar dust?? Anyway, the shamrock cutters came in a set of 3 and while I planned to use them, I didn’t really plan ahead how. I have a really cute idea for next year – I suppose that I could try out my idea now, but it might seem kinda weird this time of year??

I also “promised” my son that I would make 42 cookies for his class. I even made the dough ahead of time and set aside an entire day at home to make them. Plans changed last minute – and I ended up heading out of town for the day with my family – so I stayed up until 3am making these…

Phillip’s 9th Birthday Cookies – with 9 dots each

He was happy with them, I was glad I fulfilled my promise & I like the 3-D effect and two-tone… however, I was disappointed in that, while they are cute, they are nothing that would make someone else – ooohh & awww.

Next, I made these…


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