Mexican Tea Cakes – Part TWO {variations}

In the original Mexican Tea Cake Cookies post I mentioned that variations of this type of cookie are made in many countries. One of the variations being different types of nut… of course, you could also make the cookies without the nuts, but if you omit the nuts then you need to use a little more flour to make up for the omission.

I enjoy this recipe as is, but wanted to change the flavor without changing the essence of the cookie and I came up with this.

Since this recipe makes 48 or 4 dozen cookies, it’s a great recipe for taking the base dough and modifying it.  I’ve given two examples here – thus making 3 different cookies with one base dough.

  • Plain powdered sugar,
  • cinnamon
  • chocolate
  • chocolate/cinnamon (not pictured)

Resulting in 1 dozen or 12 of each cookie. Not only would that be a quick & easy way to essentially make 4 types of cookie, but it would also make for a beautiful presentation.



The cookies are sitting on a cutting board from Tastefully Simple


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