Peep Sugar Cookies –

NOTE: It's best to let the cookies dry before photographing them - which requires handling them - which messes up the icing (but I was in a rush to post these)

This post is more about a “concept” in progress – than a finished product… but I wanted to share the idea while it was fresh (and truthfully, before someone else blogged about it) I feel like each time I have a creative idea in the works, someone beats me to it.

This was not my idea although, I think I probably would have thought of it eventually. I’ve seen a few cookiers make these and obviously so has since they now make 3 different sized  Bunny Bun cookie cutters. The day after I placed my order, they came out with the 3rd size – the mini-cutter which would have been perfect for these.

I know these cookies have a few issues:

#1. I cut them by hand, instead of using a cookie cutter, so they are, uh “whimsical”

#2. I didn’t not allow any drying time before handling them while I tried to take a somewhat decent photo

#3. The colors are off — between the dough, the frosting & the sugar…

HOWEVER – the point is, they are cookies not “artistic masterpieces” so just go for it!!

Anyway, the most memorable post was by SugarBelle – you can check out her blog The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle here. (Aside from the fact that she is very talented – my nickname is Sugar and my daughter’s nickname is Belle – so naturally I was drawn to her blog.) — SugarBelle has also blogged recently about using colored dough – another concept I was playing around with, since it seemed the next step after my many years of making my own play-dough which I blogged about here. Sooo, I put combined both SugarBelle’s ideas (bunny peep cookies & colored dough) and made my version of Peep “Bunny” cookies. Anyway, I think it’s a fun idea and it really doesn’t take much effort to color the dough. Thank you so much to SugarBelle for spurring my creativity!!

If you are feeling inspired, click on the link for the sugar cookie recipe ~ Enjoy!!

You can see the colored dough on the sides of the cookie.


  1. Ooooh! I have a cheapy mickey mouse snowman cookie cutter we got at walgreens this christmas as part of a kit, These seriously look EXACTLY like them except for the ears…but if I pinched the ears into this shape straight out of the oven before they cooled, I’d have the same product. Great idea thanks!

    • That is a great idea!… EXCEPT – #1. Pinch the ears BEFORE you put them in the oven AND #2 Put the cut cookies in the freezer for 5 minutes before baking so they hold their shape and don’t puff up. 🙂 Also, I’d love to see your creation ~ I have a FB page — when you make your cookies, please post a picture of them on my page.
      Coincidentally, I saw the cookie cutter you mentioned on another blog this week, so I know exactly what it looks like. Nothing wrong with “cheapy” cookie cutters; I like the fact that they can go into the dishwasher – I’ll be blogging about cookie cutters this week. Also, some Walgreens have a Mickey Mouse Head cutter in the Easter section right now (apparently they had them at Halloween, too.)
      These bunny peep cookies are fun to make, easy & they turn out SO cute – I’m going to buy the cutter because I can see myself using it for years. However, I made 40 more bunnies this morning using 2 circle cutters (another post for this week, too!) — Happy Baking

  2. super cute! i just thought of another way to help the ‘shape’ even though, these are adorable. try a snowman cookie cutter and add the ears! if you have a 18mon old like me, time savers are great! i may have to make a run to Joanns to see if they have the sprinkle colors! great idea!

  3. You shouldn’t have been so hard on yourself about the picture, they look great!! :o) What a cute idea! I am going to have to make these for Easter. Cute, cute, cute!

    • Thank you… I was in a rush to pick my kiddos up from school and I knew better than to touch the wet cookies, but I thought I was being careful… and was a little upset with myself that I “mussed” my creation. The original photo only had 4 bunnies & the funny thing is – I didn’t take the photo with the 8 bunnies until after my kiddos were home. They wanted to eat the cookies, so I told them to wait 30 seconds while I piled all 8 on the platter & snapped a “quick” photo… I had NO IDEA that so many people would see the photo or be inspired by it. — Your cookies will be a hit on Easter, I’m sure.

  4. I LOVE your hand cut cookies! They do NOT look it, and I think you were too hard on yourself. These look absolutely delicious! I can wait to try them with my daughter!

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