Flower Cookies

Whew ~ it was a busy week… and I have so much to share including these super cute, super easy flower cookies. I was inspired by The Celebration Shoppe’s new Special Delivery baby shower collection – I wanted to make something that was quick, easy, cute, and that anyone (including the big/brother sister to be) could make.

It took me 4x as long to take photos and blog about them, than it did to make them. You could easily make dozens of these in an hour or so, I’m sure!!

So… I’m assuming that you’ve read my post about adding color to sugar cookie dough – however, what’s new with this is – I added white to the dough and it worked. You have to add more of the “white” than you do of the other colors, but it does not affect the taste (just be sure to add a little at a time). More about “colors” in my post “Crazy 4 Color”.

"white" cookie dough ~ side by side ~ regular cookie dough

Then, I made several other colors and cut circles; placing the circles on top of the flowers before baking the cookies.

oops...you can tell my baking sheets are, uh - "well loved" 🙂

Then, bake the cookies — that’s it!! They taste pretty yummy “as-is”, but if  you wanted you could add a glaze (powdered sugar mixed with “flavoring” & water) – like this ~

I just poured the glaze over the top of the entire cookie

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