Pizza Crust

The Dough Scraper is from Williams Sonoma ~ LOVE it!!

I have wanted to test out my new favorite Pizza Dough recipe substituting whole wheat flour for the white bread flour. However, I didn’t have any whole wheat “bread” flour (which has a higher gluten content vs. all-purpose flour)… and I didn’t want to #1. Waste the ingredients and #2. End up with 5 tired/hungry/grumpy family members with no dinner – so I went for a 50/50 substitution. The first rise went well… and doubled nicely in the oven in just 1 hour. This past winter, I burned both of my oven lights out while working on a sourdough starter, so now I heat the oven to 175 degrees & turn it off. Put the dough inside the oven, close the door & let it rise.

I over-cooked the first pizza, because I couldn’t recall how long to bake it and we were amidst a lost T.V. remote control situation (kids hid it, dad wanted it.) Anyway, it wasn’t burned, but it was about as brown as it could be and still be deemed edible by my family.

After putting the first pizza in the oven, I realized that even tho’ I stretched the dough to fill the pizza stone – it just was not going to feed our family of 6 tonight. Playing sports does tend to make them hungry!! So, I took the second ball of dough out of the freezer and left it to rise. I was already concerned that I wouldn’t get a second rise & that we would end up with something that tasted more like cardboard because of the reduced gluten, but no problems rising. In fact, I made the second pizza a little smaller which made the crust thicker. It was like a pizzeria pizza in my oven.  So, I’ve now added whole wheat bread flour and vital wheat gluten to my shopping list & I am excited to try this recipe once again 100% whole wheat!

My kids thought I was weird taking photos of my dinner while I was eating it.

I said that the light was perfect.

The crust was perfectly light/airy & the cheese perfectly gooey.

…and then it was gone. The End!

Recipe for crust/dough & Tips on freezing can be found here. Pizza Dough 101

The link for Homemade Pizza Sauce can be found here.



  1. Thanks for the great recipe! I can’t wait to try it!!!! I am very interested in the freezing part. And thanks for the link back to Annie’s. That helped with my freezing questions.

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