Layered Coffee Late/Mocha Creamy Popsicles

Are you wondering what a coffee late/mocha creamy popsicle is? Well, since Jell-O already trademarked the name swirl-pop… so I came up with this. Just like the name of these treats, I’m a multi-tasker. Not because I like to do several things at once, but because I’m constantly interrupted or because my time is limited. I’m also a multi-purposer. I enjoy finding multiple uses for “one” thing. That’s why I like the Iced Cafe Mocha recipe. It can be served hot or cold and with or without the cocoa. It also works as a base for these layered Coffee/Cream/Mocha popsicles. The layered effect was achieved by freezing each layer for 1 hour before adding the next.

The swirled effect was achieved by pouring the coffee and the mocha base into the mold and freezing for 30 minutes. When I added the cream mixture it flowed into and mixed with the coffee/mocha base producing the swirled effect.

If you prefer more of a typical icy popsicle texture, that is exactly what the coffee/mocha bases alone produce. If you are looking for a creamier texture, then I would mix the cream base with either the mocha or coffee base and freeze. The popsicles taste just like the base before it’s frozen. So, by tasting the base mixture before you freeze it, you’ll have an idea of what the finished pop/creamsicle will taste like.  In other words, it’s personal preference how much cream mixture you add to the mocha/coffee bases. Hopefully that’s as clear as day old coffee.

And, in case you’re wondering if these are good – 14 popsicles between the 5 of us were eaten in less than 10 minutes; sometimes actions do speak louder than words. FYI: If you are making these for children or prefer to avoid the caffeine, use decaffinated coffee beans. (My husband says, “duh” but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated – at least to me it does… )

Creamy Layered Coffee/Mocha Popsicles

Cafe Mocha or Coffee Flavored Popsicle Base – One batch Iced Cafe Mocha (or coffee)     Cream Layer Base = 1/3 cup heavy cream, 1 Tbl sweetened condensed milk, 1/4 tsp vanilla. *If you want a less creamier base, substitute half ‘n half or milk in lieu of the heavy cream*  Also, if you have leftover base, use for iced coffees or mochas 🙂

Popsicle Molds or Dixie Cups, Popsicle Sticks (and cupcake liners to catch the drips)

For frozen Iced Coffee or Mocha popsicles – fill popsicle containers (or dixie cups) with base and freeze. If using a popsicle container, it’s okay to put the lid on right away. If using dixie cups – freeze for an hour, then insert the stick.

For swirly creamsicle popsicles – Fill containers approx. 1/2 full of the coffee or mocha base and freeze for 30 minutes. Then add the cream base on top and the popsicle lid or freeze for 1 hour, then add the popsicle stick.

For layered popsicles – add the first base of your choice and freeze for 1 hour before adding each additional layer. Because each layer must be frozen in stages, some of the sticks on the lids that come with the molds are too long to fit flush into the molds once the frozen layers reach a certain level. Therefore, it may be best to use a popsicle stick with the molds in this instance, rather than the supplied lid.

Source: Cupcake Liner Idea and Cream Base Recipe from Smilemonsters 



    • me too… I made them for myself – but my children really enjoyed them (as in ate them all!) I was surprised, because the coffee flavor is prominent. I’ll be posting a coffee ice cream recipe this week.

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