Pasta Sauce {3 Ingredient}

My family LOVES to eat pasta. We eat it every week; winter, spring, summer and fall. It’s the one meal that the 6 of us can agree on. Over the years we’ve gone from using pasta in the red package, to making our own semolina pasta noodles and currently our go-to pasta is Trader Joe’s Organic Whole Wheat. We eat it without or with meat using either very lean ground beef/sirloin or most often ground turkey; sometimes I get fancy and make meatballs. The one thing I had never done even though I thought about it every time I made pasta, was to make “homemade” pasta sauce. I had never attempted to make sauce because it seemed way to time consuming, I never seemed to have all the ingredients, or mostly, I just never could remember to start the sauce early enough in the day. So… I was very excited when I came across this 3 ingredient, 45 minute pasta sauce recipe. It had MY name written all over it. Actually I believe the name was, “Smells Like Home”, but hey that could be MY home…so I made it. It can be YOUR home, too. Give it a try. Quick. Easy. Delicious. It’s made with BUTTER, so it’s got to be good.

note: When it comes to food, my children are my toughest critics. My eldest’s palate is maturing and she demands “grown-up” tasting food, while my youngest wants uncomplicated, simple foods. None of my children have ever been big fans of “chunky” sauce ~ Yes ,this is somewhat of a chunky sauce – as in there are small chunks of tomato (however, that could most likely be easily changed with the use of an immersion blender). Of course, the first thing one of my children said was, “There’s chunks in this sauce.” Followed by, “they taste really good when the sauce is warm”. We always eat warm sauce, however, I think the tomato chunks tasted of warm, creamy butter and not another word was spoken as the 6 of us inhaled savored our dinner.

Easy Homemade Tomato/Pasta Sauce


1 – 28 oz can whole peeled tomatoes – juice & tomatoes (The original recipe reccommends San Marzano brand, I used Contadina because they had them at the 99 cent store… I think the brand of tomatoes may determine how thick/thin the sauce is.)

1 onion (peeled & cut in half)

1/3 cup butter (I used salted – other bloggers used unsalted)

salt to taste – Go w/Personal Preference for this (I used salted butter & avoided this step)


Open the can of tomatoes & pour into a saucepan, add both onion halves and the butter. Heat until simmering. Then, reduce heat if necessary and simmer for 45 minutes, occasionally pressing the tomatoes against the side of the pan to taste; the pressing breaks up the tomatoes and determines how chunky or not the final sauce will be.

Throw away the onions and serve over hot pasta noodles. Garnish as desired (ie, with parmesean cheese, meat, etc…)

Update: If you don’t want to use the stove-top. You could use a crock-pot for 1-2 hours, following the directions as written while tasting the sauce as it simmers. note~I haven’t tested in the crock-pot all day (8 hours).

Source: Smells Like Home via The Smitten Kitchen originally from Essentials of Italian Classic Cooking by Marcela Hazan.


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