Hello….pardon my crumbs.

Welcome… I’m in the process of moving my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I naïvely assumed that the transfer would be seamless. WRONG! Even though it’s essentially the same blog, it’s a completely different system – so trying to make the “new” blog look like the “old” blog has been both challenging & time-consuming.

So, why did I make the move?….Aside from the fact that I am asking myself that – it’s my understanding that I technically “own” this web-site which means I have control over what I post (that is, once I figure out how it all works). It’s my goal to make it more user-friendly and offer my readers opportunities to win baking things that I enjoy using.

Currently this is a hobby of mine and, as with all hobbies, it can easily become costly. I’m trying not to waste invest too much money so, for now, I’m pretty much a one-woman-show; having thrown myself into the world of blogging, food photography, and a lot of techy computer stuff.

My reward is knowing that people have tried the recipes and have received rave reviews for their efforts. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and replying. Aside from this blog, you can find me on Facebook at Baking 4 Six.

— Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you return again and again!! -Dianne 🙂



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