Vanilla Bean Creamer

Hazelnut… The first coffee creamer from a bottle that I ever tasted was Hazelnut. I was hooked. It added sweetness and cream all in one pour. Then I read the ingredients, uh, oh… artificial everything. Really?? Eventually I quit drinking the creamers because I became especially cautious about purchasing/using the store-bought creamers when my girls (14 & 12) discovered that they liked coffee flavored with them. *Every once in a while, when we have an extra early morning, I allow them drink a small cup of coffee w/creamer. (My grandma let me drink International Delight Coffee when I was younger and it was always a special treat.) My will power was especially weakened every time the “holiday/seasonal” and “limited edition” creamer flavors hit the stores and was weakened more when they were on sale.

Since I was no longer purchasing the creamers, one morning I added cream, vanilla & sugar to my cup of coffee & it turned out pretty good; ie, my girls approved of “mom’s homemade version of vanilla flavored creamer”.  I was hoping to avoid using sugar if possible and searched out recipes for homemade creamers made with alternative, non-artificial sweeteners. Well, I’m happy to announce that my chemical infused coffee drinking days are over (for the most part) because now I’m making my own flavored coffee creamers and you can, too!

Vanilla Creamer

  • 1 c whole milk and 1 c heavy cream (or 2 c Half and Half)
  • 4-6 Tbl (100% pure) Maple Syrup (OR any sweetener of choice, to taste)
  • 1 vanilla bean (or 1 Tbl vanilla – tastes great either way)

In a saucepan over medium-low heat, stir together the milk, cream, and syrup. Scrape the seeds into the mixture and the add the bean pod, too. Turn off the heat, cover and allow to steep for 30 minutes so that the vanilla flavor infuses into the mixture. Strain and store in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. ~ note: I would base the expiration date off of the milk, cream or half ‘n half. – Shake gently before serving

**I have a quart sized bottle of Maple Syrup which I purchased to make these Maple Leaf Candies (post coming soon). I chose this recipe since it uses Maple Syrup for the sweetener. However, I plan to make some creamers using other sweeteners, as well as other flavors in the near future.

Source: Adapted from Deliciously Organic
This post has been linked to The Frugal Girls – Chic ‘n Crafty party and was featured on 9/14/2011 – Thank you Frugal Girls!

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  1. I have copied this down and added it to my arsenal of “raw-ish” recipes! I am trying to change over from artifical stuff too having a growing 11 year old who also loves coffee & those creamers lol This is pure genius!!! I buy raw cream at our local farmer’s market so I will be really excited to make this recipe when I get some on Saturday!!! The only substitution I will make is I will use some local honey instead of maple syrup since that is what I have on hand!!!

  2. This is awesome (I too, am addicted to artificial creamer) and thanks for sharing! Have you figured out how to make any other flavors? I would be very interested in them if you do (I’m not that creative).


  3. I LOVE this recipe and can not wait to make it/try it! yum! P= I, myself, am a coffee-a-holic too. Love it anyway it comes: hot, cold, black, sweetened, and in various forms of anything. Coffee sweeteners from the store are, of course, a staple in my fridge… but have shy’d away from them at times because of all of the ingredients in them too. Right now, Im trying to eat healthier~ but it’s hard giving up my coffee creamer. lol So, thanks for sharing! =D

  4. Thanks for the recipe! I’m totally addicted to creamer but I cringe at the ingredients. What sort of sweetener would you use in place of maple syrup? I can’t stand maple so I’d be looking to use something else. Would just plain sugar be OK?

    • The maple syrup is a whole food (as opposed to highly refined like granulated sugar) – you can use whatever sweetner that you prefer. (white sugar, artificial, sucanat, stevia, agave).
      It does not have a “maple” flavor or least not to me… the vanilla overrides it. (I also used the maple syrup because I have a rather large bottle that I purchased to make maple leaf candies.)

  5. Excite about trying the creamer today. I have a milk cow now and I am always looking for great recipes for the cream
    and the milk.

  6. I just bought creamer, but I’ll get cream & try this time! I’ve always hated the junk in it, but it’s soooooooo good! I have a big jug of honey, so I’ll try that as my sweetener.

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