Polka Dot Peanut Butter Brownies

I have some exciting news to share… I was asked to write a guest post. To those of you who are relatively new to blogland – that means an author of another blog asked me to write a post to be posted on their blog. I am both honored and appreciative to have been given this opportunity and I get to introduce my reader’s to a blog that I enjoy reading. If you follow my FB Page, you know that this has been in the works for a few weeks and I’m happy to report that today, Friday November 4th is my debut as a guest blogger & you get a new recipe to try.

Recently I made my first batch of brownies from scratch and I’m adding it to my list of things I really should have started making from scratch years ago. As is true with pretty much any recipe that you make from scratch, you can modify it to your personal liking.  You can also modify the ingredients. You may say, “…but baking is science and each ingredient plays a specific role” and you would be correct. However, as long as you are replacing the same “type” of ingredients the results will be similar; ie, fats, sweetners, flours. (note: flours can be slightly trickier because of the protein content.)

So, when Stacy of Stacy Makes Cents asked me if I would be interested in making a “slow-cooker” dessert to share on her blog, my first instinct was to panic and this is why. Within the past year, she has switched to a whole food lifestyle… I really enjoy reading her blog and learning about all of her discoveries and I’ve even implemented a few in my kitchen. However, I must admit that when it comes to baking sweets & candy making – refined sugar & white flour are my go-to-ingredients. Since Stacy didn’t restrict any ingredients in her request, I asked if the dessert had to be made using only whole foods and she kindly said not really, but that it would be great. I moved from panic mode into challenge mode wanting to stay true to the “nature” of her blog and ended up creating these totally cute and totally tasty Polka Dot Peanut Butter Brownies. Be sure to check out the recipe over at Stacy Makes Cents and tell her I said “HELLO!”



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