{2012 Goal #1} Photography

The LOVES of my life in the city where it all began 20 years ago.

It’s that time of year where the buzz around town is all about New Year’s Resolutions…. I suppose the newest buzzword is New Year’s “Goals”. My husband and I both agree that the most valuable momentos are our family photographs and videos, especially those of our children. One of our current projects is to decorate our home by displaying photos.

Fourteen years ago, as new parents with one child, this project was relatively simple and it continued to be manageable with two… however with the addition of 2 more children the number of photos more than doubled. What began as displaying the traditional milestone photos – 3, 6, 9 & 12 months, then yearly and/or school photos plus sports quickly took over our walls.  So I took them all down, boxed them up and planned to work on the project when my husband and I had time. — I won’t say how much time passed, but suffice it to say going through the boxes was like opening a mini-time-capsule. The project became manageable as we broke it down into categories:

1. Our focused changed from displaying milestone photos, to narrowing our choices to our favorite photos. (We love them all, but there are some that just touch our hearts in a special way.)

Note: It is A LOT of dusting, but my husband agreed to dust... so, problem solved 🙂

2. I set-up shelves that each focus on one child (2 shelves per child). My children can select their favorite photos to display and this is where I am now displaying the annual school/sport/milestone photos and I plan to rotate the photos as the year changes.

3. I dedicated a room/area of our home to display “heirloom” photos. Dare I admit that my husband and I are from the generation where our grandparents’ photos are black-and-white? Part of the room serves as a library, the other part serves as a shared home office. I also used the area above my husband’s desk to display Team Photos that he has received as coach’s gifts throughout the years. (Our library/office is a work in progress… and I’ll share photos when we finish this project – one of TOO MANY!)

4. We also have 2 digital frames that we plan to use to display current photos? This project is also still in the planning stages…**see organizing & The 52 project goals below.

5. Lastly, I have some really cute (read “when my children were little”) seasonal photos; think Valentines, Halloween, & Christmas. I plan to store them with our decorations and display them as the season/holidays change.

Christmas 2001 Alexandra 4yrs. & Isabella 2yrs.

In keeping with the photography theme I recently read about “The 365 Project” over at Stacy Makes Cents where Stacy discusses her 2011 goal of taking one picture of her daughter Annie every day for a year, I took it as a sign. Throughout this past year, I’ve also seen similar projects on Flickr where people take 1 picture per day of anything.

One of my goals for this year is to take one photo of each of my 4 children per week; hence the name The “52” Project. Perhaps, I’ll try to get a picture of myself & my husband each month (weekly?)… I am definitely NOT photogenic so I am not including this as part of my official goal. Taking one photo of each child per day, is just not a realistic goal for me. Our mornings are hectic – I’m home alone most days and my goal is to get the kiddos dressed, fed, and to school on time with all their lunches/supplies/assignments. Our afternoons & evenings are just as busy – since we have homework, sports and/or other events – AND dinner. Plus, my oldest child is a teenage girl and the next oldest is a pre-teen girl… who are both at very “particular photography stages” in their lives, unless they are taking photos of themselves to post on Facebook. *I plan to use our family calendar to keep track of my progress.

In other related photography goals, I plan to back-up and organize our photos by month on a separate hard-drive. I recently discovered that in the past 2 years, we have taken 18,000 photos – what a huge difference digital photography has made in the number of photographs! Of course there will be lots of food pictures, too!! — We invested in a new camera and I’m hoping to take a photography class. Aside from all the personal reasons that I mentioned, my favorite blogs are those that are full of photographs and I especially enjoy those where the pictures tell most of the story with no words needed.

What are your photography goals/tips for 2012??



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