Peach Galette

Organic Peaches from my backyard

Are you feeling peachy? You will be, if you make this easy peasy pie called a galette. Do you know what a galette is?? I had absolutely no idea what a galette was until a friend posted on Facebook that they were planning to make one. Of course I googled galette – and found out that it’s a free-form tart or pie resembling a rustic pastry with a flaky crust & fruit. I had FRESH peaches from the tree in my backyard sitting on my kitchen counter. These peaches were actually waayyyy to juicy and delicious to be made into a pie, but I did it anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE pie dough/crust. If you read my “about me” page you’ll know why pie dough is very close to my heart. Anyway, I made a galette (with extra crust) and it was SO good. I have to admit, I felt kinda bad because I posted my galette before my friend could make hers – oops!

okay… you can buy pie crust in a box, in the refrigerated and/or frozen section of the grocery store — I love OPTIONS, but when I make pie-crust, I ALWAYS make mine from scratch and I ALWAYS use the Crisco shortening (butter or regular) recipe.  In fact, I’ve already posted a simple do-it-yourself-from-scratch pie crust tutorial and recipe.

Easy as 1For the gallete – I peeled the peaches, added cinnamon, add sugar if you want or need too – the peaches are juicy & sweet enough as is – and any other spice, for example all spice… fold up the side of the dough. They don’t need to go up as far as mine unless you are a crust lover; I  got carried away.

2Bake @ 400 for 35min. – You want it to be browned & crusty looking (somewhere in-between pale white & burnt) You can sprinkle sugar on top before it’s baked, makes it look a little fancier – but I think it’s delicious either way.

Rustic (keyword here is RUSTIC) Galette


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