DIY Seasoned Salt

Salt is perhaps one of the most widely used of all seasonings and probably one of the least expensive. Pepper may be next in line and the rest I don’t really know… since I’m more of a spice girl. Seasoned salt is not something I used frequently in the past and, but it seems to be listed in many recipes on my “to make” list. I also have a cabinet full of seasonings, because most recipes only call for a pinch of this & a pinch of that.  Once I use up my current collection, I’m saving the glass bottles and am going to purchase frequently used seasonings/spices in bulkupdate: Ever since I made this, I’m finding a use for it in practically everything  I make.

You can make several different flavors of seasoned salt – like lemon, mustard, basil or cayenne pepper (careful with the cayenne pepper tho’). If you are in a hurry to season or marinade something – you could just grab your favorite seasoned salt, add a few teaspoons & voila’ ~ you’ve transformed our meat from everyday to gourmet. How easy is that? It’s also a great way to use orphaned seasonings. I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of buying an entire bottle of a special seasoning so that I can try a recipe and then the practically full bottle sits on the shelf until it’s gets to old and I have to throw it away. If your cabinet looks like mine, why spend money on something that you can make yourself. Give it a try and you’ll probably never buy Seasoned Salt again.


Seasoned Salt

3 Tbl salt & 2 Tbl garlic powder = this is the base

Then, add your favorite spices — in the mix pictured above I added the following:

2 Tbl basic paprika, adds a color (or smoked paprika)

1 tbl tri-color pepper corns (from Trader Joes)

1 tbl onion powder

and a dash of cayenne pepper (be careful with this)

Another option is to use salt as the base with a ratio of 1 part salt to 1 part other seasonings.

For example – use 6 tsp of salt, add 2 tsp of paprika & 4 tsp. total of “other” seasonings; adding 1/8 tsp – 1 tsp of each until you get to 4 tsp. total. (So, basically a 1 part salt, 1/3 part paprika & 2/3 other seasonings ratio for all the math wizzard/chefs out there.)


Btw, I plan to write a little tid-bit about the difference between iodized and non-iodized salt eventually. I’ll include information about Kosher, Sea and other types of salt. Why is this important? Aside from water, salt is pretty high on the list of items essential to keep our bodies healthy & functioning properly.


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