Mexican Tea Cake Cookies – Part Two {variations}

Mexican Tea Cake - plain, chocolate & cinnamon (clockwise from the top)

Previously I shared a recipe for Mexican Tea Cake Cookies and even though these cookies are quite popular with my family as is, I decided to come up with a few varieties without changing the essence of the cookie. The cookie in general is made in many countries & with various nuts… of course, you could also make the cookies without the nuts (but you need to adjust the flour content by adding more, if you omit the nuts)

  • Cinnamon – add cinnamon to the powdered sugar before rolling (for an added flavor, add cinnamon the dough before baking)
  • Chocolate – add cocoa powder to the powdered sugar before rolling (for added flavor add cocoa powder to the dough, use less flavor; mini chocolate chips can be added, too)

Since this recipe makes 48 or 4 dozen cookies – it’s a great recipe for taking the base dough and modifying it.  You could make a 4th variety – chocolate/cinnamon – this would give you 1 dozen/12 of each cookie and make for a beautiful presentation and variety of flavors.

What variation(s) sound good to you??


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