DIY PopTarts (Kelloggs makes the real PopTarts)

I ALWAYS serve my children's meals tied in bows on fine china (not really)

I came across a blog post about making pop-tarts and I’m not sure what intrigued me about it – perhaps it was the “crust” and I was motivated to make it because my 3 younger children, especially the 2 youngest always ask for Pop Tarts. I think this would make a yummy afterschool treat served on a cold winter day with hot cocoa and I will most likely re-visit this recipe again in the Fall. — Summer makes me think of filling them with chocolate & marshmallow. This morning I used cinnamon/brown sugar and strawberry fillings..

Anyway, rather than copy down the recipe I’m going to include the link to the blog post where I found the recipe because:

#1 The author of the post was very, very thorough

#2 You may enjoying lurking around her blog, she may enjoy you lurking around her blog

so, here it is Smitten Kitchen – cute name, too – wouldn’t you agree??



  1. I’ve made these before…….I like that you can vary the filling. 🙂 I don’t like regular Pop Tarts, but I like these. It’s more like eating pie. LOL Yours are very pretty.

    • They are like pie and…. unfortunately, I realized that AFTER I made them for breakfast. I don’t know what I was thinking?! I obviously got way to excited about the crust that I was not thinking clearly. I typically don’t serve my children original Pop Tarts for breakfast; I must have assumed that they were healthier because they were home-made. However, they were healthier & would be good served with eggs or something else. Hopefully I redeemed myself when I suggested eating them as a “snack” in my post. 😉

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