Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes {No Melt}

My 5th grade daughter requested 1 dozen flooded sugar cookies for a lunch recess picnic with her friends TOMORROW – the thing with royal icing flooded cookies is DRYING time. She felt bad because she had told everyone she would bring the cookies and I felt bad since #1 I was helping her sister with a project and #2 I was really proud of my daughter & her friends for coordinating what is essentially a “potluck” picnic lunch ~

Well, thanks to this ice cream sundae cupcake idea that has been ALL over the web this week and because luckily I had a bunch of cupcakes in the freezer ~ (also lucky that I REMEMBERED that I had the cupcakes in the freezer… I was already ahead of the game. – Score 1 for team Mom.)

Gotta love Pinterest for ideas and for making me a hero in my daughter’s eyes. — My daughter’s creations are featured below – Yup, even a 5th grader can make these ~ even tho’ her  “mean” mom made her help her… We were only half way done & she was telling me that she was tired and needed to go to bed. Yup, I think she got the point that Mom doesn’t just whip stuff up, it’s a lot of work (I wonder if I should save all the dishes for her, too?) — Anyway, even though she won’t be bringing the sugar cookies to school that she promised – I have a feeling she’s going to be a “hero”, at least for a day, when all her classmates see these. (Actually we made sugar cookies too – but, she accidentally turned the time off and they turned a little brown…we tried salvaging them — I think it’s probably best to stick to one baking project at a time.)

Isabella's "mini" creations-after mean Mom decided that the big cupcakes would be TOO much for a school lunch recess picnic.

I made the cupcakes from scratch but if you want to whip these up in “jiffy” – use

1 box cake mix or you can use the chocolate cupcake recipe here.

Frosting: Adjust to suit your needs but I used a basic buttercream frosting recipe

2 cups butter (I use unsalted – use what you have)

4 cups powdered sugar

2 TBL Milk  (use whatever you have, I used 1% – probably very yummy with CREAM)

2 tsp vanilla

SEE the vanilla bean flecks? no? Click on the photo to make it bigger, those vanilla bean specks are teeny. Totally impressive & clever idea - huh?

(I also added the seeds from a vanilla bean to give it more ice-cream like authenticity, and because I like putting my own touches on a recipe, and because I have 40 million vanilla beans that I’m trying to find uses for)

That’s it, mix it all together, you can chill the frosting a little… depends on how much of a hurry you are in. Then scoop out the frosting & glob it onto the cupcakes. Yes, “glob” it on – the less perfect mound you make, the better – think melting ice cream. You know, ice cream melts when you put HOT fudge on it. Or if you are a bit more of a perfectionist or don’t like licking off washing your fingers, use a cookie scoop.

Then, time for the toppings.

I used Maraschino cherries, because… you guessed it, I had them in my fridge (and they are my daughter’s favorite, but we used mini-red candy balls for the mini-cakes). I set out the number I planned to use on a paper towel to soak up the “juice”. We also had the sprinkles handy and the last thing we did, was prepare the chocolate topping.

I didn’t have candy melts and I didn’t have almond bark – so I mixed white chocolate with cocoa powder (it wasn’t dark enough, but it sure tasted yummy) so I added semi-sweet chocolate to the mix at about a 50/50 ratio. So you don’t need a specific measurement, just remember a 50/50 ratio if you don’t have candy melts. I used the microwave for 1 minute at 50% power as was suggested, stirred and then went to 30 seconds at 50%, then 15 seconds.  Melting it slowly is the key, so take your time.

Then, I poured the chocolate over the frosting & my daughter sprinkled on the sprinkles. (I LOVE sprinkles and so does she)… Then, we placed the cherry on top -making sure to put the hole where the pit was removed down into the chocolate.

A totally FUN and EASY project. — A few more thoughts ~ – TOPPINGS — think any “holiday” or “celebration” imaginable & your can find a coordinating topping or sprinkle. I also think that you can add any flavor to the frosting – including alcohol for “adults” only of course. Lastly, if you are serving them right away – you could make take a piece of cupcake out of the middle and include a slice of banana and make “banana split” cupcake sundaes…

6 little cupcakes all in a row, until someone came along & uh, oh!!


  1. They are really very cute. 🙂 Was she the hero of the day? I bet all the kids wanted to go home with her. LOL
    Question – where did you get your bazillion vanilla beans? I’m looking for a good source without breaking the bank. I have vanilla extract brewing right now (4 months still left AHHHH!!!), but I want to make vanilla kefir ice cream.

    • Hi Stacy ~ I am by no means an expert on vanilla beans. They always seemed very expensive to me at around $10 for 2-3 beans until I researched via the internet and…came across several sources. ~my disclaimer 🙂
      However, I chose located in San Francisco. They have quite a selection of beans to choose from – types & quality. I have been pleased with my purchase. I also purchased a few extracts (the red raspberry one is really flavorful). Good luck with your vanilla extract ~ I plan to make my own “one” day; meanwhile I currently purchase vanilla extract from Costco, at a great price point.
      p.s. Yes, my daughter’s cupcakes were well received. She loves to bake and was happy to bring something that she helped make.

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