Coconut Oil {Trader Joes}

I’m really enjoying making things at home that I would typically purchase at the store – I like the challenge, the satisfaction of making it myself and mostly because it feels good to be eating “real” food as opposed to chemicals when possible (read convenient/pre-packaged/processed foods). I often learn about new or rather new-to-me products through various blogs which was true when I read about a technique for making DIY Magic Shell using Coconut Oil.  I do not claim to be a coconut oil expert although I am happy to share a few resources that I have personally referenced and obtained information/recipes/uses for coconut oil from:

Coconut Oil is not cheap, but I truly believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to food, especially baking ingredients. Buying higher quality ingredients doesn’t always have to cost more, especially if you can avoid paying for packaging by purchasing in bulk. I searched a few local stores and none of them sold coconut oil . Anyway, since I  don’t like coconut + the cost + the fact that I would need to purchase a rather large jar & pay shipping prevented me from ordering it on-line.  So… I was pretty excited when I located the Coconut Oil at Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has become one of my favorite places to shop for many reasons. I especially appreciate the fact that any item can be returned for any reason – so that meant, if I didn’t like the coconut oil, I could return it. (btw, Trader Joe’s doesn’t know who I am, but I’m sure thankful that I now who they are and that they are in my neighborhood.)

Besides making your own magical ice cream topping  what can you use coconut oil for? – Generally speaking “use it for cooking, baking, as a general substitute for oil or butter”. I’ve also read of people using it for diaper rash cream, chapstick and as an overall skin moisturizer. It supposedly acts as a natural “latherer” in homemade shampoos & conditioners and as a healing agent for cuts/scrapes since it provides a natural barrier while infusing the superficial wound to speed healing & fight infection. I also heard it’s really good for popping corn!!


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