Breakfast Ideas

This list is posted on my refrigerator inside of a plastic page protector sleeve. Each day after serving an item listed in the bottom section, I cross it off with a dry erase marker and then make something else until we’ve gone through the list (or start a new week). The night before, I plan what will be served for breakfast the next day and mark the item with the day of the week. When we run out of an item, I circle it so that I know that I need to make/buy more.

For now this list is meant to serve as a tool to help with your family meal planning. I bet you’d probably like some more recipe posts. Good news! I will be adding recipes to the blog and linking them to the menu items below. Meanwhile, click on the highlighted foods for the recipes to a few of my family’s favorites.


Breakfast Ideas

Drinks & Sides


  • Toast/English Muffin
  • Eggs – Scrambled, Omelette
  • Biscuit/Croissant Sandwiches/Burritos/Wraps
  • Granola
  • Oatmeal/Baked Oatmeal/Cereal/Hot Buttered O’s
  • Waffles/Pancakes/Crepes
  • Muffins/Scones
  • French Toast/Mexican French Toast/{Cinnamon} French Toast Sticks
  • Breakfast Meats (ham/sausage/bacon)
  • Biscuits & Gravy
  • Doughnuts/Cinnamon Rolls/Pop Tarts (Homemade) (served on weekends w/fruit & milk)


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