Woman Cave {Sneak Peak}


IMG_6324So, My Woman Cave is actually our kitchen pantry. We were very thankful to have a walk-in pantry in our kitchen, however it was tucked into a space beneath our stairs; you can see the slant of the stairs in the above photo. The pantry was oddly shaped with lots of angles and limited, awkward, shelf space. It always felt cluttered, because in addition to our family’s every day food staples, I filled it with waaaay too many appliances and bulk baking ingredients like 50lb bags of sugar, powdered sugar, and flour.

Plus, to the right outside of the pantry was a “menu” desk which over the years also served as a beverage center and a candy bar, but mostly was just a place to collect papers & lots of stuff. It also had angles & triangle-shaped upper & lower cabinet space that made storage difficult & impractical. The shelving above the desk area could pretty much only be reached with a step-ladder.

Once our construction crew opened the wall, they discovered a support post where the door was supposed to be moved too. However, being the AWESOME crew that they are, came up with a creative fix – which I am calling the feature design element of My Woman Cave – see that super cool, weathered looking EXPOSED BEAM!! Now I need to work on replacing the ceiling light which I’ve never liked either. HELLO AMAZON –

The wall was removed because the menu desk area was moved forward about 12 inches and shortened by 2 feet. It is being transformed into a way more useful & appealing beverage center and bakery dish display case. Moving it forward & shortening it also allowed the pantry door to be shifted to the right, so shelves can be put along the left wall without walking into them when entering into the pantry. All new custom shelves, including a counter top shelf with electrical outlets so that I can plug in the appliances without moving them.

It’s probably tough to visualize, but thankfully our contractor and crew seem to understand what I was asking/hoping for. Below are some pictures – before & during (we are still in the during phase as the electrical is going in next) – where the tile is missing that is where the “menu desk” used to be. If you click on each picture, there’s a description of what you are looking at. All of the new walls & doors are framed and I’m super excited to watch it all come together. I still can’t believe this is happening, I feel like I’m in an episode on HGTV.

How did people remodel before Pinterest (and the internet) – seriously…. ??? Well, actually maybe it kept things simpler – but if you are going to re-model I say RE-MODEL. I am seriously loving this process so much. Everyday something exciting happens.   Shout out to my awesome husband for making my home kitchen turned personal bakery dream a reality.


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