Whip it Good


That is a giant wire whip. It’s supposed to be for an 80qt. commercial mixer. No, I’m not putting a commercial mixer in my kitchen. I can’t even imagine washing this beast, let alone the bowl or trying to fit the massive mixer in my kitchen. I do, however, plan to turn this into a light fixture.

Funny story. My husband and I had to go to Home Depot because we are also doing something creative with the lights on our patio and needed to search out supplies. We brought this beast with us. It’s bigger than a baby so he put it inside of a shopping cart and pushed it around the store. We were stopped several times by people asking if that was a giant mixer thing. My husband was happy to say yes it is, but we are going to make a light fixture out of it. Everyone that we told said that it was a really cool idea.

This wasn’t my idea. My friend (who also happens to our next door neighbor) mentioned that she had wanted to install a hanging light in her kitchen made from a “vintage” whip, except that the only ones she could find were several hundred dollars. I thought it was a cool idea, too but set it aside as the price was too high and I didn’t really want the rusty vintage look. The fixtures I selected had hundreds of crystals which I knew I’d never be able to keep clean so I was back to looking for a light fixture.

Pinterest-click. Bakery-click. Google-click. Restaurant supply store-click. I consulted my neighbor about sizing and then I may have purchased 3 (basically) non-returnable giant whisks before figuring out exactly how I was going to make them. Good thing I like a challenge.

I showed them to my friend who gave me the idea. I was super excited until… she said they might be too large – oh, and she’s not able to help me make them. So, now she is only getting 50% credit at the most when they turn out fabulous – Just Kidding.

Thanks to Pinterest I have added Tori’s Bakeshop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to my places to visit bucket list, Aside from the fact that it’s super cute – her webpage reads, “Tori’s Bakeshop is an eco-friendly, all-natural organic bakery that offers dairy-free, egg-free, casein-free and refined sugar-free treats of all sorts! We also carry a scrumptious selection of gluten free products”   /  I am intrigued and check out the light fixtures.


Tori's Bakeshop
copyright 2012 torisbakeshop.com (Pinterest)

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