I Love Trader Joes

It’s true… I have fallen in love with Trader Joe’s also referred to as TJs.  I realize that not everyone has access to Trader Joe’s, just like I don’t have easy access to Whole Foods, Fresh and Easy, etc… The point being just because you don’t have access to Trader Joes doesn’t mean you should ignore these posts. Hopefully, you’ll be motivated to find similar items at stores near you (and please share your finds in the comments section) or you’ll be inspired to create a homemade version. Plus their website offers tips on things such as Party Planning, Fish Preparation, Pairing Wine with Food and Recipes.

For those of you that have access to Trader Joe’s hopefully you’ll discover a TJs product that you never knew existed and possibly be encouraged to try something new. Of course, I’ll be sure to include links to various recipes that I have made using my Trader Joe’s finds!!

Btw, I am not an affiliate, I don’t work for Trader Joes, and Trader Joes does not know who I am. Trader Joes’ sells many whole/natural foods and their pre-packaged items featuring the Trader Joe’s name offer the finest quality, natural ingredients. This means:

  • NO artificial flavors, colors or
  • NO genetically modified ingredients
  • NO MSG
  • NO added Trans Fats

Plus they offer very competitive (most of the times better) pricing than many stores without coupons. They also sell organic, grass-fed, hormone-free meat and cage-free eggs – at the convenience of a “grocery store”.

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