Hot Buttered O’s

hot buttered o's with milkIn my house growing up – my dad liked to cook, my mom liked to bake, but…my dad only cooked for himself, because he added spices & seasonings – gasp! My mom grew up with “plain” food so she never acquired a taste for seasonings. The reason I’m guessing is because she grew up with 6 siblings. She also thought chickens had 4 legs. I’m surprised she didn’t think they had 8 with that many children. She is known for saying, “I like my food plain.”

I think my dad is a very good cook – I said, I think… because sadly I was never really tasted his cooking. For whatever reasons, he cooked for himself and she cooked for herself, my brother and me. I don’t think I tasted pepperoni pizza until I was at least 12 years old, but I can thank my mom for teaching me to like black olives on pizza. I also thought olives and carrot peels were normal taco toppings (my mom doesn’t really like plain cheese either.) If you have never tried either, you should, they are pretty tasty.

By now you might be wondering what this has to do with Hot Buttered O’s. The first thing that I remember my dad making for my brother and myself was…. Hot Buttered O’s. I’m not certain but I think the recipe must have come from a box of Cheerios since besides butter, that’s the only other ingredient.

I’m not sure why my dad made these for us one day, but I’m so glad that he did. I still enjoy them and my children like them too. They are quick, easy, good for all ages (pretty much) and are yummy hot, cold or somewhere in between. They pair well with fruit & milk for breakfast – a school time snack or as an after school treat with milk or hot cocoa. Just melt some butter (a little or a lot, you choose), add Cheerios (I always use the brand name Cheerios*) and heat over medium heat until they are warmed or browned to your liking. – That’s it… Enjoy~

*Years later, I also make them with Trader Joe’s O’s cereal, too. AND my kids make these for themselves now ♥

hot butterd o's in the pan



  • Glassware – Irish Coffee Mug by Crate & Barrel
  • Red Bowl was a gift (the sides were extremely flimsy and I no longer have it)
  • Salad Plate – Walmart
  • Fun Fact: The Village Haus restaurant located in Fantasyland in Disneyland has these exact same dishes on display – pictured below

UPDATE: This post originally appeared on my Mother 2 Four blog. I googled Cheerios and Hot Buttered O’s and it is indeed a “vintage” recipe.  I found this cool printable to share. It has the recipe. I use a little less butter and I don’t add extra salt (I use salted butter)

hot buttered os image

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