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Mexican Tea Cakes – Part TWO (variations)

Previously I mentioned that this recipe found here is made in many countries & with various nuts… of course, you could also make the cookies without the nuts (but you need to adjust the flour content by adding more, if … Continue reading

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Mexican Tea Cakes (Cookies)

I’ve recently shared my love for dough… pie dough, pizza dough, bread dough – I just can’t resist taking a little taste before it’s baked – However, I absolutely abhor (strong word, but it’s true) when something that is supposed … Continue reading

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Which Butter is Best?? I know & if you read this, you will, too!

I learned something today about “butter”… not sure why I’ve never seen this before – I doubt it’s a secret, but since I’d never heard of this, perhaps you haven’t either so I’m going to share what I found out… … Continue reading

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Boiled (7 minute) Frosting

I wasn’t impressed with the recipe that I used for the muffins/cupcakes, but I really like the photos.  The frosting is very light and airy and the photo was taken to show-it-off.  I know the cake part looks out of … Continue reading

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Grandma Edith’s “Extra Pie Dough” Cookies

When making pie dough from scratch (see this post), typically there will be some left-over dough.  My grandma always made cinnamon roll looking cookies… Roll out the dough into a rectangle (you can trim it to make it look more … Continue reading

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So Simple Pie Crust Tutorial

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Previously I posted the recipe that I use for making pie crust from scratch. I shared that I love eating pie-crust, what I didn’t share was, that I like to snack on the dough. I used to totally gross my … Continue reading

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Feeling Peachy….Easy as Pie….Rustic Galette

I started another new blog Mommy 2 Four; kinda goes with Baking 4 Six don’t you think?… and I’m definitely a Mommy 24 hours a day (even when I’d kinda rather be sleeping, I do LOVE my kiddos more than … Continue reading

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Crazy 4 Color

I hadn’t planned yesterday’s post to be about play-dough, I hadn’t thought about the playdough recipe for a few years – SO, imagine my surprise when I opened Phillip’s backpack this morning (we should’ve done that 5 days ago…  because … Continue reading

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Adding COLOR to sugar cookie dough/Homemade Playdough

After making & icing Shamrock (3-leaf clover) cookies – they just did not look quite right to me.  Of course, the day after March 17th, it hit me – I should have made green dough. (For information on FOOD COLOR … Continue reading

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Shamrock Sugar Cookies

I am always last minute or behind… even when I plan WAY ahead, I am behind. Life with 4 kiddos tends to have a lot of “distractions” – and adding something new to our routine – takes awhile to find … Continue reading

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