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Kettle Corn

I will NEVER, well I shouldn’t say never, but I don’t plan on buying Kettle Corn again in the near future; especially at $6-8 a bag at street fairs or even a few $$s at Trader Joes. For years, I … Continue reading

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Flower Cookies

Whew ~ it was a busy week… and I have so much to share including these super cute, super easy flower cookies. I was inspired by The Celebration Shoppe’s new Special Delivery baby shower collection – I wanted to make … Continue reading

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Pan di Mie via Mister Loaf (the Bread Machine)

My bread machine got a lot of use BC (before children) – which seems odd since we go through a lot more bread now.  I felt bad when I pulled it out of the cabinet and realized “it” as in … Continue reading

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Peep Sugar Cookies –

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This post is more about a “concept” in progress – than a finished product… but I wanted to share the idea while it was fresh (and truthfully, before someone else blogged about it) I feel like each time I have … Continue reading

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The Best “accidental” Chocolate Cupcakes Ever

What were to be Malt Shop aka. “chocolate/malt” cupcakes turned out better as chocolate cupcakes… the batter was oh, so yummy – but even yummy tasting batter doesn’t always mean yummy tasting cake. However, after filling the cupcake liners, I … Continue reading

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Cream Puffs

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I like dough, I like crust.  – I love cream, too! and I believe I mentioned how much I like sugar… put them all together & that makes Cream Puffs.  My mom has been making this cream puff recipe forever … Continue reading

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