{Trader Joes} Everyday Seasonings w/Grinder

tj garlic salt.jpg

Flavoring food does not come easy to me, but this… this is magic in a bottle!!

Since writing this post 5 years ago, our family’s favorite seasoning blend quickly became the Garlic Salt – I put it on many things that I cook, but our favorite is probably veggies and by far Green Beans (which I also buy from Trader Joes).  – post coming soon

Great news, too. Trader Joe’s has a somewhat hefty selection of various everyday seasonings sold in self-contained grinding bottles. Not only do I like the idea of being able to grind the seasonings myself because they smell & taste fresher that way, but I think they are all priced just under $2 per bottle. Plus, they also offer slightly gourmet versions, like this bottle of RAINBOW peppercorns.

rainbow peppercorns



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